In order to improve the activities of organizations and add value to them; We increase their effectiveness in risk management, control and corporate governance processes. We help companies achieve their goals with our effective audit activities. We become a strong support element and solution partner for companies to improve their corporate governance processes, manage operational risks, and keep their supply chain and distribution points under control. By saving companies time and effort, we carry out this whole process for them and enable them to focus on their own focus.

In the requested scope; We have an experienced infrastructure and an effective program in the processes of preparing audit question lists, connecting with the points to be audited and planning, performing the audit, reporting, and following up the nonconformities and actions. We conduct announced, unannounced or semi-announced audits upon request, with auditors with industry and audit experience for each project.

With our Supplier, Store, Restaurant/Kitchen and Warehouse inspections; we aim for the savings, efficiency and satisfaction of the enterprises.