In today’s world where commercial conditions are constantly updating, the priority of businesses; Issues such as meeting customer needs, increasing efficiency by reducing costs, introducing new products and services to the market, and adapting to the international market are gaining more and more importance day by day.

At this point, as Integral Bureau, we transfer the latest information and trends to businesses and ensure that their systems remain up-to-date and continuous, with a competent team that has international know-how and is well-versed in the version changes of standards and standards.

We provide consultancy services to organizations that implement a certain standard but aim to improve their processes, as well as organizations that started the system installation process from scratch. We carry out studies for the full scope of the companies or for a certain part of the standards according to their needs. After the GAP Analysis is done, the employees reach the necessary competence to maintain the system; We create our plans on a wide scale, from performing internal audits to providing support for a certain part of the standards according to company needs.

How do we work?

We request preliminary information from organizations that apply to us for consultancy. Evaluating this information with our technical team; We prepare a proposal and a business plan by deciding on the scope of the consultancy project, its duration, and the trainings we should provide within the scope of the project. Upon your acceptance of the offer, a mutual date is determined and we start the project.