Integral Bureau is a training and consulting firm specializing in quality management and food safety systems.

We provide training and consultancy services for businesses that implement quality management and food safety standards. We also support businesses in supplier selection, evaluation and supply chain management processes.

Among the activities of our company; In addition to consultancy, individual/corporate trainings, gap analysis, internal audits, data collection, review and evaluation, supplier audits and action follow-up activities are carried out within the scope of supply chain management.

Our founding partner, BRCGS Turkey representative, manages the processes of applying BRCGS standards in Turkey in accordance with certain criteria, identifying and improving sectoral problems and ensuring their continuity.

We provide services with our competent consultant team and provide added value to organizations that apply a certain standard but aim to improve their processes, as well as organizations that start the system setup process from scratch.

We provide all food safety, awareness and auditor trainings within the scope of the BRCGS Professional Program with our BRCGS approved trainers.

In addition to all these, we support the corporate business world with our certified and original educational studies focused on improving companies’ management systems, human resources, process and risk management and performance systems.

In addition to institutions, we contribute to the career plans of individuals with our certified trainings that will guide their long-term potential.

" As of 2020, I have started to work as BRCGS Turkey Representative. I am excited to be a part of the team, with the representative position determined for the first time in Turkey by BRCGS, one of the world's leading standard setters, preferred by companies in more than 130 countries to certify their management systems."

- Evren Efe KABAGÖZ

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